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an elderly carpenter intends retiring from his job at a construction company real estate. He expressed his desire to the owner of the company. Of course, since it does not work, he will lose his monthly income, but the decision was unanimous. He felt tired. He wanted to rest and enjoy the rest of her old age peacefully with his wife and family.

company owners feel sad to lose one of his best workers. He then appealed to the carpenter to make a home for her. Carpenter nodded approving the company owner's personal

He actually feels forced. He wanted to quit. his heart is not completely in the shed. reluctantly, he work on the project. He only uses ingredients minimally. Finally, the finished house is requested. The result is not a good home.

a pity, he should end his career with achievements that are not so admirable. when the owner of the company came to inspect the house which he asked, he handed the front door key to the carpenter.
"This is your house" he said "a gift from us"

how shocked the carpenter. she was very embarrassed and sorry. if only he knew that he was working on a house for himself, he would certainly do it earnestly. now he must live in a house that is not too good results of his own work

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